About us

We are small team of white-hat hackers.

We love analyzing great projects to find vulnerabilities. Finding a vulnerability causes us a surge of dopamine 😄

We have a lot of experience in analyzing security. Knowledge of programming languages is the basis. On top of the foundations, each has more than 5 years of security analysis behind him. We have experience in testing APIs, payment gateways, web applications, mobile applications, servers, and much more. In fact, we can test anything, if it's related to IT.

We carefully approach the process of security audit. Penetration test starts with gathering information about the analyzed project. We divide the project into the main components that underlie the project, then divide it into even smaller branches of testing. The process of analysis is accompanied by a good mood and an attentive reaction.

During the audit, we use our own development: scripts, programs, which help to conduct audits more quickly and qualitatively. But the most important thing is knowledge and experience. Every day our experience accumulates more and more, which means that every day you will get a better service.

We are ready to adapt to any client, perform any non-standard task. We are very flexible and talented guys. We will happily work with you, maintain pleasant communication, and provide qualitative services for penetration test.

We are waiting for your letter. Feel free to contact us at any moment, we'll try to answer you ASAP.

Have a great day 😊