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Long-term support
We will analyze everything, what is coming up on your project. Also, we are always monitoring everything, what happens in security world, we will inform you about 0-day exploits.
Source code analysis
We can review all your source code, and find security breaches in your project. This is the most powerful analysis method, usually it takes some time, but gives nice results.
One-time analysis
Just regular analysis of your project, without source-code access, just like a hacker would do it. We will pentest everything on your site, and find injection points.
Mobile app analysis
We can pentest your iOS/Android mobile application to find vulnerabilities. Usually mobile applications do have many hidden vulnerabilities, which can be used by intruders to hack project.
Vulnerabilities fixing
If you have no developer, who can fix vulnerabilities for you, we can do this, if your backend development language is known by us. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, but will help you to be sure that vulnerabilities are fixed.
Team consulting
If you have big team with developers, we can take part in your development process, control everything, while it is being developed, give advices to developers, when they have questions.

One day we've understood that we have grown up and our code was written 5 years ago. Bold Security helped us with finding vulnerabilities. Thanks for your work.
880'000 / month
Наш сервис пользуется большой популярностью, пользователи указывают свои персональные данные, и хотят быть в безопасности. Специалисты из Bold Security написали нам о найденной уязвимости. Сначала мы не могли поверить, что с нами такое может произойти. Разобравшись в ситуации мы исправили уязвимости, заказали аудит безопасности, теперь сотрудничаем на постоянной основе.
1'450'000 / month
I've thought that my project is safe. One month ago I've received letter from guys, saying that I've got some vulnerabilities. I've ordered penetration test, and received report with many vulnerabilities. Highly recommend to anyone, who want's to be safe.
630'000 / month